Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Central Sleep Apnea Intro

Hello everyone,

Do you or a loved one suffer from central sleep apnea? Central sleep apnea is a condition in which the brain fails to send signals to the respiratory muscles responsible for breathing. Often as a result of another condition, such as heart failure or stroke, central sleep apnea is a concern that can adversely effect the overall health of an individual or a loved one.

As a Registered Nurse, I've had a multitude of patients that acquired this condition, and have seen the undesirable effects that central sleep apnea can have on a person. Although subtle, most of these effects can be attributed to one of the main overall problems that central sleep apnea causes, the lack of a good night's rest. Central sleep apnea causes multiple interruptions throughout the course of a night's sleep, often preventing the deep sleep desperately needed for optimal health and recovery.

I'm opening this blog for people to share stories of how this condition affected their lives or the lives of their loved ones, to ask questions, to post successful interventions and treatments, to promote what products or medications worked best for people, and to raise awareness about central sleep apnea. I look forward to hearing your responses. Thanks!

Above I provided a good read with 100 questions and answers about sleep apnea, to supplement information found on this blog.

Mike M., RN, BSN
Owner of centralsleepapnea.blogspot.com


  1. I'm a trauma therapist and am interested to know what variety of symptoms are that indicate sleep apnea. In particular, what are people like when they wake up with this condition. I have a client that always wakes in fear and sweat, and has done so since young. The clent appears to have disturbing dreams but can't remember them and has some problems with memory and learning. The client appears to be getting enough rest and can be very active and energetic throughout the day. The client doesn't snore (as reported by a sleep partner) and does not seem to have obstructive apnea.

    Any info would be helpful.

    thanks David

  2. Oops, please note I'm interested in CENTRAL sleep apnea.



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  5. I have grey matter heterotopia,there is grey matter on the white matter on the right and left ventricles of the brain, I was born with it, I have obstructive as well as central sleep apnea. Could this be the reason why my brain is not telling my body to breath? Could the signals be blocked by the grey matter?

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